There’s a Cookie Map for That

The Nile River

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When studying Ancient Egypt one MUST make a cookie map. At least that’s what I read on every blog a few years ago. I took the advice and joined the vast cookie-making map movement and loved it.

Of all the simple or involved projects from our Ancient Egypt study, the cookie map stands out as a favorite. In fact, it’s now the project I keep in my back pocket for any geography based lesson.

I used store brand sugar cookie dough found in the freezer section along with store bought tube icings. You can make both the dough and icing homemade if you choose. It was easier and quicker for me to just buy it ahead of time and stick in the fridge. Purchasing the cookie supplies allowed the boys and I to go straight to the fun.

History Pockets: Ancient Egypt Grades 4 - 6

Our study of Ancient Egypt included using History Pockets: Ancient Egypt – Grades 4-6+The boys enjoyed, for the most part, creating their history book. In full disclosure, I have one child who does not lean towards the crafty. He likes to do the work and be done. My younger son, on the other hand, is all about enjoying the process and creating. Both boys particularly enjoyed learning to write their names in hieroglypics.

I came late to the game on history pockets and do wish I had introduced them at an earlier age to my children. This unit study opened my eyes to my boy’s learning styles. Yes, I have read plenty on learning styles, yet History Pockets brought their styles to my attention in living color.

I highly recommend History Pockets for visual and hands-on learners.