Pray Five Blessings

The Wednesday night Bible study I attend began Cheri Fuller’s book, A Busy Woman’s Guide to Prayer last week. Ever so often we take a break from curriculum based studies and meet as a book club–it’s a nice change-up a few times a year.

Each week class participants read three chapters then gather on Wednesday night for discussion. Last week, our first chat, focused on the beauty and challenges associated with praying. It was uplifting to hear others share what they have learned concerning prayer over the years. Discussing the things of God with other believers is encouraging, inspiring, and challenging. It is mentoring in action!

I would like to share an excerpt from Cheri Fuller’s A Busy Woman’s Guide to Prayer dealing with praying for others. Angela, Bible study teacher, challenged us to write B-L-E-S-S on an index card and put where we could see it often to remind us to pray. Give it a try yourself too!

Pray Five Blessings
from A Busy Woman’s Guide to Prayer
It is possible in only five minutes to really cover a person in prayer and to petition for blessings over his or her life. Let’s say your girlfriend Meghan is going on a mission trip to South Africa, and you want to support her in prayer. You can use the letters B-L-E-S-S as a springboard to pray for her body, labor, emotional, social, and spiritual needs–and to help you stay focused instead of being derailed by wandering thoughts. Here’s how it might work:

Body: “Lord, strengthen Meghan physically on her three weeks in Africa. Grant her safe travel and protection on the whole journey…”

Labor: “Father, bless Meghan’s efforts as she teaches Bible school to the children in the villages. Bless her labor in assisting in rebuilding the church and working with the medical team…”

Emotional: “Help Meghan trust you so completely that she won’t be afraid or worried, and so she can sleep peacefully at night…”

Social: “Though she’s away from her family and friends, help her connect with the others on the mission team. Bring a friend to her so she won’t be lonely.”

Spiritual growth: “Help Meghan to trust in You, depend on You, and not lean on her own understanding. As she serves others, may she sense your presence in real ways and receive the reward of growing closer to you on this adventure.”

Try praying five blessings for five minutes a day for someone or for yourself, and see what God does.