A Few Favorite Reading Lists

Some women collect shoes. I collect books.

My heart sings at the announcement of a used book sale (check this upcoming one out) or the opening of a new bookstore. Right up there with perusing book stores is checking out the reading lists of others. Finding an interesting book to read on a book list is like finding a bag of Hershey’s Kisses in the back of the fridge and no one is home but me!

Here are four recent book lists I have gleaned from for my to-be-read list:

10 Classic Books You Read in High School You Should ReRead
I probably do need to go back and reread Tess of the d’Urbervilles as it is the only book I recall not finishing and using Cliff Notes for in college. Maybe this time around it won’t put me to sleep.

Marriage Books for 2013 Reading
Not a book list of new books, it is however, the favorite books of the staff of Mentoring Moments for Christian Women.

10 Great Books for Soul Growth
Family, faith, and books to challenge. A great list–all of them are on my TBR list now.

Tim Elmore’s Favorite Books of 2012
Several titles from here are now on my 2013 list.

Do you keep a TBR list?