Friday Favorites 9/20/13

It’s been awhile!

Today I’m blowing the dust off of Citizen Mama with a new Friday Favorites series. May the links, videos, and quotes inspire, challenge, help you brainstorm new ideas, or simply make you laugh.

Since the kids and I are well into our new homeschool year, today’s Friday Favorites is all about school.

Who says you can’t wear the same outfit for school pictures 40 years in a row? This cool teacher!

Family calendar, homework station, and lunch ideas. 25 Best School Organization Tips

Planning to make this over the weekend for my kiddos. Pronoun Match-Up File Folder Game

Homeschooling high school is challenging and its easy to get overwhelmed. There’s something peaceful about being reminded of Charlotte Mason’s methods and knowing they still work from a Mom who has been-there-done-that. 5 Charlotte Mason High School Ideas that Worked.

“Raising kids is a journey full of choices. Prayerfully supporting a friend’s choice is a way to show unconditional love. While support from other moms in your exact schooling situation is crucial for idea gathering, perspective, and empathy, don’t narrow your choice of friends down to only those who school just like your family does. Build loving bridges, not prickly fences.”  Supporting Other Mother’s Schooling Choices.

garden / photo by Kellie Renfroe

“The measure of productivity, as a parent, is not necessarily in how many items I can cross of my “To Do” list, important as those items may be. As a parent, the measure of ultimate fruitfulness is often when I seek the grace to grind the pace to a halt, and rather than rushing through the moment to complete a specific task, instead pause, looking into the eyes and hearts of my little people.” Elisah Galotti

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