When I Think I Have a Better Way

When I Think I Have a Better Way / photo by Kellie Renfroe

{I came across this old post from 6 years ago.  My ‘baby’ is now enjoying his final year of VBS. My, how time truly flies!}

June 16, 2009

Dropping my youngest off at VBS has not been a issue until today. This morning he told me he wasn’t sure about going.

My positive reply about games, snacks, friends, and fun did not change his mind. As I left him with his teacher, he was such a big boy trying desperately to control his tears. I could see his lip quivering and his eyes quickly filling. When I walked away his teacher was speaking gently and trying to focus him on the fun ahead.

This is probably how I look to God at times.

I want something so badly and He says wait. Lips quiver and eyes fill with tears. Dealing with discontentment is hard.

Discontentment is a struggle–especially when I think I have a better way and want it NOW.

If my youngest could have focused farther ahead even by an hour he would have been squirming, wiggling, and giggling impatiently with excitement.

I need to remember that too.

The children of Israel were the same way–they could not see across the Red Sea or into the Promise Land. They were not willing to see with eyes of faith.

This morning I read in Psalm 43:3:

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me.

Lord, send Your light and truth to be my guide daily–help me to have eyes of faith to believe in You now for what is ahead.

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