When I Think I Have a Better Way

When I Think I Have a Better Way / photo by Kellie Renfroe

{I came across this old post from 6 years ago.  My ‘baby’ is now enjoying his final year of VBS. My, how time truly flies!}

June 16, 2009

Dropping my youngest off at VBS has not been a issue until today. This morning he told me he wasn’t sure about going.

My positive reply about games, snacks, friends, and fun did not change his mind. As I left him with his teacher, he was such a big boy trying desperately to control his tears. I could see his lip quivering and his eyes quickly filling. When I walked away his teacher was speaking gently and trying to focus him on the fun ahead.

This is probably how I look to God at times.

I want something so badly and He says wait. Lips quiver and eyes fill with tears. Dealing with discontentment is hard.

Discontentment is a struggle–especially when I think I have a better way and want it NOW.

If my youngest could have focused farther ahead even by an hour he would have been squirming, wiggling, and giggling impatiently with excitement.

I need to remember that too.

The children of Israel were the same way–they could not see across the Red Sea or into the Promise Land. They were not willing to see with eyes of faith.

This morning I read in Psalm 43:3:

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me.

Lord, send Your light and truth to be my guide daily–help me to have eyes of faith to believe in You now for what is ahead.

Easter: I Bow

Written and originally posted on Easter, April 12, 2009.

Today is Easter.

Bumblebees buzzed as I snapped pictures of the kids in their Easter finery.

Easter candy gobbled quickly by little mouths.

Warm apple pie and ice cream for Easter dessert. Lunch dishes in the sink.

A busy day. Church, lunch, taking E to the movies this afternoon, supper.

Playing outside, playing inside.

Aliens fought Hotwheel cars while video games beeped and Barbie dolls received make-overs.

It has grown quieter as sleepy eyes and yawns have given way to sweet dreams.

Today is Easter.

I sit at my Savior’s feet in adoration and awe.

In the noisy distractions of daylight, He is here.

In the stillness of night He is here.

He is my only Way, Truth, and Light.

I cannot go to the Father except through Him.

My knees bow, my tongue confesses He is Lord.

He is the Word made flesh.

He died and rose again.

He forgave all my sins.

He set my heart free to run in the path of His commands.

His name is above all others.

He is my Savior.

Before Him I bow.


“I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praises to my God as long as I live. May my meditation be pleasing to Him, as I rejoice in the Lord.” Psalms 104:33,34

Boxes of Love

This year can I introduce you to a mission that reaches into the farthest corners of our world to touch the hearts of children? Simple shoe boxes filled with love touched 9 million children in 2012.

Today I’m over here talking about my family’s heart for missions through Operation Christmas Child. What began as a good work and Christmas tradition has changed our hearts and view of the world.

“If I give all I possess to the poor…but have not love, I gain nothing.” I Corinthians 13:3.

Love + a simple box, that’s what I’m talking about today. Join me?