Lifehouse: Everything

If you have not seen The Mission minister in drama to Lifehouse’s Everything where have you been?

When I checked today, views on are approaching 9 million while is at over 10.3 million.

Presented at Church of God Winterfest back in 2006, three years later it’s still a relevant visual to the powerful love of God. For those of you who are wondering what Winterfest is, it is the denominational gathering of Church of God youth for a weekend of praise, worship, and spot-on teaching. My son and husband were blessed to be apart of the cheering / worshiping thousands back in 2006.

Just because it was intended for youth don’t think for a moment there is no message in it for adults. If you haven’t watched the video, prepare to be blessed!

Lifehouse Everything Drama from his31337 on GodTube.